A comprehensive, visual guidebook to bicycling
from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cumberland, MD,
on the Great Allegheny Passage

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What's the GAP?

GAP_coverThe Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a bicycle rail trail extending 150 miles between Pittsburgh, PA, and Cumberland, MD. Defunct railroad lines function as a restored corridor, connecting southwestern PA and northern MD.

Visualize a crushed limestone trail that rambles through urban neighborhoods, fertile farmlands, and panoramic mountain ranges. The weight of your body propels you through a marvelous natural world that dovetails scenic waterways. Listen to rustling leaves through a cacophony of bird songs, or breathe in the sweet aroma of blossoming wildflowers and fruit trees. Marvel at ancient ruins from the region’s rich coal and steel heritage. Pedal across iron giants—refurbished bridges and viaducts—or travel through the cold, ghostly, darkened train tunnels. All these experiences, and many more, await you on the Great Allegheny Passage. Whether you are a two-wheeled explorer or an armchair adventurer, it’s time to decide. Are you ready for a truly amazing ride?

Biking the GAP is a visual documentary of the trail, focusing on all unique and historical points of interest; the strength of this trail lies in the total sum of its parts rather than a handful of specific spectacles. The photography comprehensively represents the complex trail in all its character, charm, and personality.

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352 full-color photographs
270 pages, 60# paper, 8″x10″ format
Full-cover laminated cover, matte finish
Library quality paperback

Trade paperback, $49.95

What's Inside the Book?

Awe-inspiring Photography!
Our book is jam-packed with awe-inspiring photographs—captured over five years—in a variety of seasons, lighting conditions, and weather systems.

How-to Guide for Biking the GAP!
From trailhead locations to logistical advice, our book is full of practical information that will help you plan your next trip along the Great Allegheny Passage.

Become an Explorer!
Whether a two-wheeled explorer or armchair traveler, see the sights along the GAP! Locate hidden ruins, waterfalls, and off-the-beaten-path waypoints with our unique perspective and tips for enjoying the trail. 

Learn Regional History!
Historically speaking, everything along the GAP is intertwined—from factories to towns, from railroad tycoons to whiskey producers, from landowners to frontiersmen. The trail is a literal, linear timeline in American history.

Family-friendly Activities!
We provide activity suggestions for the entire family and highlight opportunities along the trail for exploring, camping, hiking, fishing, and geocaching.

See the Sights!
Biking the GAP represents the waypoints along the trail, in a logical and linear order from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cumberland, MD. See photographs from a specific stretch of trail that you haven’t explored yet or discover attractions and features that you didn’t know about.

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